Baby names set to make a comeback

It can be a very difficult decision and it can take time to feel like you’ve chosen the best option, but choosing a name for a new baby is one of the most exciting moments when welcoming a new addition to the family.

We had the name for our eldest set from the moment we knew he was on his way, but our middle child had to wait a couple of weeks after his birth until we settled on a new name.

A theory suggests that the popularity of certain baby names works on a 100(ish) year cycle.
So for the top baby names in 2022 – we should be studying the most popular baby names in 1921/1922.

So, what are the names due to make a comeback in 2022?
For Girls – Mabel, Ada, Gladys, Joan, Mary, Dorothy, Margaret, Iris, Irene and Elsie are hot favourites.
For new baby boys, names that may see a resurgence in 2022 include Albert, Arthur, Ronald, Freddie, Isaac, Ernest, Robert, Edward, Archie and Harris.

I must admit, I’ve got a couple of favourites in there – Mabel and Elsie are particularly lovely – and of the new baby boys’ names, Ronald holds a special place in my history so would be top of my list.

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choosing a new baby name
Baby names due to make a comeback in 2022