Game On …. the best games for families & young children

For all the Family

  1. World of Adventures Game – fabulous, fabulous, fabulous game for all the family and perfect for over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  The game follows up to four adventurers through four stages (tracking the Incas in the Jungle, passing over a hanging bridge over a deep ravine .. you get the idea). You can choose to play each of the stages individually, or if you have a little more time on your hands, play all four together.  For 2 to 4 players. From age 4 (and you’re never too old). £45.00
  2. Chamboul’boum Game – a very funny & funky take on tin can alley, how much fun could you have ?  Great for friends and parties too.  From age 4. £8.50
  3. Orchard Game – a classic and best-selling game.  A co-operative game for 2 or more children, where you need to work together to harvest the fruit before the hungry raven snatches them.  For 2 – 4 players. From age 3. £29.00
  4. Balancing Cactus Game – perfect for aiding a childs ability to plan and stimulates their imagination too.  Looks easy to balance the cactus does it ……… For 1 to 3 players.  From age 3. £15.90
  5. Dancing Eggs Game – the best fun £12.00 can buy, some parents may remember similar games at University after a trip to the Student Union bar. Catch the egg and tuck it where you must, under your armpit, between your knees…. For 2 -4 players. From age 5. £12.00

For the little ones under 5

  1. Goodnight Teddy, Book with Game – oh we love this so much, a beautiful story book which opens out to make Teddy’s home, complete with hammock and toothbrush.  Try to get Teddy to bed before the moon sets.  From age 2.  £17.99
  2. Mini Bingo Game – a matching game with beautiful images, in a little tin perfect for storage and popping in your bag if off to Grannies for the day. For 2 – 4 players. From age 3. £8.00
  3. Lucky Sock Dip Game – very cute game where you must race against the sock monster to find the matching pairs of socks. Sounds simple, but not so easy and so much fun.  For 2 -6 players. From age 4. £12.90
  4. Mini Happy Families Card Game – collect the sets of fantasy families. For 2 -4 players. From age 4. £6.50
  5. My First Orchard Game – the classic Haba Orchard Game in a format perfect for 2 years up. A beautiful game to help even the tiniest ones start to learn to understand rules, early co-operation and colours and shapes.  From 1 to 4 players.  From age 2. £20.00

For Travelling

  1. Bogoss ‘Glow-in-the-Dark’ Card Game – how cool is this, a glow-in-the- dark strategy gane with skeletons …. All you need to do is avoid the broken bones.  For 2 to 4 players. From age 6 . £10.50
  2. Who am I ? Game in Tin – our favourite game in a tin, one we’ve played all over Switzerland, waiting for cable cars, at the airport …… the tin contains a headband and 40 cards with pictures of ‘things’ or ‘people’, be it a lighthouse, or a pair of wellies, or a pig or a scientist, you have to ask the right questions to guess who or what you are.  Big laughs in a little tin.  For 2+ players. From age 5 (and younger but beware of small scoring chips). £8.50
  3. Orchard Game in a Tin – the classic orchard game in a tin, pick the fruit before the ravel steals them. For 2 -4 players. From age 4. £8.00
  4. Catch Me Tin Game – fabulous catching game for young children. Catch the mice before they escape.  For 3 – 6 players. From age 4.  £7.90
  5. Aglagla Game –  beautiful version of snakes and ladders with penguins, bears and lots & lots of ice.  Complete in it’s very own little suitcase for easily travel.  What could be more perfect for taking on a wintery snowy holiday.  For 2 to 4 players. From age 5 (although we’ve played it with younger children). £12.90

For Boys, although warning: the girls might want to join in

1.   Knuckling Knights Game – the aim is to free the knights from the castle, who can find the secret door in the tower, but try not to fall out….. For 2 to 4 players. From age 4. £14.99

2.  Naviplouf  Game– magnetic battleships for young sailors. Sink your opponents ships and win the game (co-ordinates are colours and sea creatures making it even more fun for young ones). For 2 players. From 5 years.  £9.90

3.   Pete the Pirate Game –  will you risk approaching the island ? will you remember where the treasure is hidden ? can you smuggle it past Pete ? An exciting memory game. For 2 -4 players. From age 6. £27.99

4.   Golfy Arthur Game – think miniature golf, race the marbles through the course and obstacles to win. For 2 to 4 players. From age 6. £10.00

5.   Seven Goblins Game – use the seven (very cool) wooden goblins as you wish, but we think they are best as skittles for bowling. For 2+ players. From age 4. £29.99

For Girls

  1. Sleepy Princess & the Pea Game – a beautiful game and a perennial best seller. Pile up the cushions, blankets and mattresses on top of the pea and see who can make the tallest wobbly pile before it topples over.  Includes the fairytale to read again & again.  For 1 – 4  players. From age 3.  £19.00
  2. Swingolo Game – a very pretty flower themed balancing game where the aim us to build the flower without tipping it over.  For 2 to 4 players. From age 5. £13.90
  3. Princess Memo Game – a classic game but in a very very pretty format and sequinned box !  Who can remember where the pairs are and win the game? For 2 to 4 players.  From age 4. £9.50
  4. Puff Pastries Game – a very unique game where players must blow the ball to get to the treats … jelly and chocolate cake.  Get the ball in the right hole to win a cream meringue. Great game for oral motor functions and language development. For 1 to 4 players. From 4 years. £10.50
  5. Marguerite Melody Game – a beautiful musical game where the winner is the first to get dressed and ready for the ball (with Prince Charming of course) before the music finishes.  For 2 to 4 players.  From age 5. £18.90

Planning a larger gathering, the Orchard Floor Game for up to 8 players. The game board measures a huge 70cm x 70cm and is perfect for fostering team spirit, recognising and naming colours and symbols and developing precise motor functions.  From age 3.  £75.00