Host a fabulous garden party

The Summer is a perfect time to entertain family, friends and colleagues and a garden party is a great opportunity for a get together. The garden can be ideal for having larger number of guests as there can often be more space for children to run around and for parents and friends to relax and chat.

Maybe you have many friends who you owe invitations to and it’s an ideal chance to tick them off from the ‘to do invite’ list.

Have a mini festival and invite friends to stay over and camp in a garden creating a really relaxed atmosphere, everyone put up a tent as you’re not going anywhere and have a good time. Enjoy the weekend and chill out.

Creating an atmosphere for any party is so important as it makes people enjoy themselves more.  A good party is like a cocktail, it will be a sunny mixture of food, drink, music and friends, preferably arriving through the garden gate to the sounds of popping cork bottles of sparkling fizz and Jack Johnson playing in the background.  Decorate the garden with some gorgeous bunting and child friendly lights.

There are lots of themes that you could have that will really put the icing on the cake whether it’s an Anniversary, Birthday, or just having friends over.

It’s an exciting time to dig out your picnic and summer ware, colourful tableware and cutlery and use it rather than your normal everyday kitchen items. If you are going somewhere and taking extra cutlery or taking a salad along to contribute, then a bright colourful pattern will identify yours at the end of an evening or afternoon.

The flavours and smells of summer foods, sizzling BBQs, home grown vegetables picked from the allotment can add so many flavours to a simple salad. For afters, whether it’s homemade ice cream (or get the kids to make their own with an ice cream ball), good old fashioned summer pudding or just toasting marsh mallows over an open fire, they are a great dessert with out any hassle.

Whatever you’re thinking, take every sunny day as if it were your last, have a party and enjoy the garden while the British Summer lasts.