Our top five recommended books for babies under 18 months

We just love books in our house and our boys love spending time in the local bookshop searching through the shelves for their next read and picture book.

Below are our top five books for little ones under 18 months and we’ll be updating our blog over the next few days with our top books for 18 months – 2 1/2 years, 2 1/2 years – 3 1/2 years and 3 1/2 years to 5 years.


A beautiful and stimulating combination of textures, colours, shapes and animals. The format is delightful with a fluffy circle turning into a duckling when a flap is lifted and the page opened right out, and the other animals are displayed in an equally charming way.  Although the concept of shapes is obviously very advanced for this age group, through the different textures and colours used, it is a delightful book for young children and will still hold great appeal for an older child.  With strong stiff paper, the book is built to last and is perfect to revisit once ready to introduce the concept of shapes.


The most delightful thing about Wibbly Pig is that he always finds himself in the same situations as young children and ones they can relate to. In one of the books he is seen enjoying his favourite things, such as eating bananas and going on the swing, and in others, he paints pictures and dances.  The set of five books are presented in a little box, and each book is a sturdy board book perfectly sized for a small childs hand.

A BEAR WITH A PEAR  Nick Sharratt

This little book can be attached to a pram or highchair, and has brightly coloured thick board pages.  With delightful illustrations, the book introduces basic counting, and used primary colours and jolly rhymes (i.e. a puffin with muffins, a poodle with noodles).

ALL JOIN IN   Quentin Blake

A beautifully illustrated book all about noise, with simple rhymes describing children making the various sorts of din they so love.  Trumpets are blown and drum-kits are bashed, at the despair of some the adult characters in the book. Great fun but be prepared for a noisy reading session!

CAT IS SLEEPY   Satoshi Kitamu

Just looking for somewhere to have a quiet nap, the cat visits the rooms in the house, each of which is not right, whether too cluttered or to noisy.  Finally he finds the perfect place on a little girls lap and settles down to sleep.  A charming, simple yet amusing story, with an endearing central character in the cat.