Our Top Three Gifts for a Second Birthday


Birthday Card - Age 2Turning two, how time flies.  We have some lovely ideas for a second birthday present, here are our top 3…..


We absolutely love this  Farm Play Set from Haba, with a whole range of play options, it’s a delight for little ones aged 18 months and up.



It won’t be long before they’ll be dashing off on their own to clean their teeth, so how about a fabulous toothbrush timer from Sevi to help get independent tooth cleaning off to a good start …. (officially the guide age is 3 years, but it’s a great introduction for them with Mum & Dad demonstrating how to use the timer and how to use the timer, they’ll be ready to roll and use it on their own by the time they are three!).Clown Flower Toothbrush Timer from Sevi






Finally, we think the Small Sound Workshop from Haba makes a perfect gift, albeit possibly a bit noiser than the other two ideas!