Puppets, Puppets & more Puppets

Here at the Funky Moose Barn, we absolutely love Puppets and think they are much overlooked as a fabulous gift and activity for a child.  From Finger Puppets through to the giant birds & monsters, there are puppets perfect for children (and adults!) of all ages.

Finger Puppets are delightful for young children and games of peekabo, but are also wonderful for home and pre-school for learning, fun and creative expression.
Our finger puppets come in sets of six – Woodland Animals (red squirrel, badger, fox, grey rabbit, brown mouse & owl), African Animals (giraffe, elephant, lion, crocodile, chimp & zebra), Farm Animals (cow, pig, horse, duck, hen and sheep),  Garden Animals (grey squirrel, mole, frog, hedgehog, snail & spider), Mini Beasts (butterfly, caterpillar, ladybird, bee, ant & woodlouse) and Zoo Animals (tiger, snake, penguin, macaw, rhino, and ostrich).

Our Story Telling Sets also include finger puppets (and most sets also include a larger walking finger puppet) along with a story card.  We’ve got a couple of these at home as the children love the stories and it’s wonderful to bring the stories to life through the finger puppets.
Story Telling puppet sets are available for The Gingerbread Man, The Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Jack & The Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, Cinderlla, Sleeping Beauty and Nursery Rhymes.

For larger groups or huge nursery story fans, the Giant Story Teller puppets are just amazing.  Available for three stories – Goldilocks & the Tree Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Three Little Pigs – the largest puppets are huge and sit nicely on an adults lap.

Younger children also love the Song Mitts, simple glove puppets with numbered fingers for favourite first songs.  The range includes Five Currant Buns (our favourite), Five Little Men, Five Little Monkeys, Five Little Ducklings, Five Speckled Frogs and double the fun (with two gloves) with Ten Green Bottles and Ten in a Bed.

The Sockettes are brilliant fun, just very simple but vey cool glove puppets.  Each with it’s own personality and wild colour scheme, our range includes Ginger, Lipstick, Rainbow and Scorch.

Animals, animals, animals …. From the very sweet My First Puppets, at just £5 and 20cm tall they are perfectly sized for young children. A huge variety of animals to choose from, our favourites are the Owl, Cow, Frog, Hedgehog, Fox, Lamb, Rabbit & Mouse.
Next come the Long Sleeved Glove Puppets, large enough to fit both adults and children.  They also come in a great range of animals – Black Sheep, Chimp , Hen, Polar Bear, Squirrel & Wolf among our favourites.

Other ranges of puppets include the Large Birds including Crow, Scarlet Macaw, Amazon Green & Bird of Paradise.  We also know have a Giant Emu Puppet who is loved by all who meet him.

The Monster Puppets are a relatively new addition to our puppet range.  At 65cm tall, they are very soft & cuddly, and not scary monsters at all !  Hard to choose a favourite as we adore them all – if I had to choose I’d go for a stripy one, either the purple & black stripe or yellow & black stripe.  The children that visit Funky Moose absolutely love the Monsters, I’d say they are favourites among the age 6+ (and with good reason as they are very cool and a great size for imaginative play).

Finally, our enchanted range of puppets. Sage and Onion are a delightful pair of  Elves who at 74cm are a fabulous size.  Along with the Witch and Wizard puppets and one of our all-time best selling puppets, our Enchanted Green Dragon Puppet.  He is huge and a personal favourite at home.