Roald Dahl Quiz

For some half term fun, try out our lovely Roald Dahl quiz:-

  1.  What happened to Augutus Gloop in the Wonka Factory ?
    a) He married an oompa loompa
    b) He was sucked up into a glass pipe
    c) He fell into the chocolate waterfall
  2. What did Charlie Bucket find in the snow ?
    a) A fifty-pence piece
    b) A one-pound coin
    c) A golden ticket
  3. What gives you brains, according to Grandma in George’s Marvellous Medicine ?
    a) Butterflies
    b) Caterpillars
    c) Spiders
  4. What did George make his medicine in ?
    a) A two-handled saucepan
    b) A washing up bowl
    c) A medicine bottle
  5. What was Matilda’s surname ?
    a) Woodward
    b) Woodworm
    b) Wormword
  6. What was Miss Trunchbull’s christian name ?
    a) Annie
    b) Agatha
    c) Annette
  7. How many small foxes did Mr and Mrs Fox have ?
    a) Two
    b) Four
    c) Six
  8. What did Bunce do as a job ?
    a) Duck & goose farmer
    b) Dentist
    c) Potato farmer
  9. What was the name used for Pelly’s beak (in The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me) ?
    a) The Pelican’s Performing Bucket
    b) The Pelican’s Water Carrier
    c) The Pelican’s Patented Beak
  10. What did the giraffe like to eat ?
    a) The pink and purple flowers of the tinkle-tinkle tree
    b) Cream crackers and marmite
    c) Ju-jubee tree branches


George Medicine