Anamalz wooden animals – our first top tip for Christmas 2010

Designed in Australia, Anamalz are a gorgeous range of wooden toy animals made from sustainable organic maple wood and textiles.  Both beautiful when not being played with on a shelf, they are also a delight in play as their limbs can be bent into different poses.  They can be made to look as if running or standing still, they can be made to stand on their  back legs and look in all directions and are perfect for promoting imaginative play and creative story telling.
We stock 24 Anamalz, including the traditional farm animals, safari animals and also some very cool creatures such as the Emu and Panda.
Many parents and children have, understandably, chosen to collect the full set.  Friends and family are always looking for gift ideas at Christmas time, so why not recommend they give Anamalz to help your child collect the full set (you can always set up a wish list on our website to help so everyone knows what it on the list).
They really are a delight …. our favourites … we all have our favourites and it’s hard to choose, but my personal favourites are the croc and the pig.  Whichever you choose, you are certain to love them.