childrens plates, bowls, tumblers and cutlery

As we now have our new blog, we just wanted to write a quick entry about our fabulous range of melamine plates, bowls & tumblers for kids and also mention our great range of cutlery for children.  It’s an area we’ve really developed as it’s an essential for every household and it’s great to have a choice from the more standardised ranges seen on the high street.
The spotty melamine ranges are just delightful and so so practical – many customers buy them for every day use but also love them for kids parties as they are beautiful and also much more practical, nicer and a more ‘eco’ option than through away paper plates. We also love our robot and superhero ranges of plates, bowls and cups.  Kids and parents go mad for them.
For the ultimately practical range comes the steady range with plates, bowls, steadycups (& steadycup maxi) and cutlery all to match in a range of bright colours. Customers also have the choice to buy the items individually or as a set.
We also have a great range of cutlery – our favourites include the spotty cutlery (great on it’s own on teamed with the matching plates etc), the very elegant cutlery ranges from Martin Gulliver which include bright stripes, soliders and fairy to name but a few and the lovely bright coloured jelly cutlery. One of our first ever cutlery sets was the trebimbi cutlery for children, which is great fun, very practical and comes in a great range of colours.