Puppets for children & education at Funky Moose

Puppets were on one of the first ranges we launched when Funky Moose was first born nearly 5 years ago.  Our range of puppets include fabulous finger puppet sets including woodland, garden, jungle and farm.  Each set includes 6 animals are are perfect for both adults and children to use.  They are popular both with families at home and also for education & schools.
Song mitt puppets, including five currant buns, five little men, five little ducklings and ten in a bed are also great for at home and at nursery and the perfect way for babies and toddlers to learn their favourite rhymes and at under £6, they are fantastic value too.

Our story set puppets cover all the classic stories, such as the Gingerbread Man, Cinderella and Three Little Pigs include both the puppets and also the story card (just in case the story teller is a little rusty on the finer details of the story !).  Our giant story teller puppets are amazing and just enormous.  We’ve got one of Three Billy Goat Gruff sets at home and the troll is massive hit with us all.

In addition, we carry a great range of animal puppets – from small my first puppets specifically designed for very young children through to long sleeved glove puppets perfect for older children and adults.
Other puppets include the sockettes and the fabulous new monster puppets….. check them out ….