Stuck inside on a rainy Half Term week ?

We’ll be posting later today on some fun activities with the kids on a rainy Half Term, but here’s what our boys will be playing with this week ….

1. Cowboy Wigwam
Fabulous cotton wigwam, big enough for a group pow-wow.
With detachable floor mat, if the sun does make an appearance this week, they’ll de-camp to the garden.
The door ties shut and there is a small window (with cover) at the rear.
Very easy to put up and down, and stores away very simply.
We love it, they love it.  At £72.90 (v. the £75 / £100+ charged on other websites, everyone should love it).

2. Wooden Dinosaur Set
We don’t have all the dino’s (although everytime our middle son visits the warehouse he sneaks another one home), but we have a great selection, with all the favouries, T-Rex, Stegosaurus & Triceratops, along with the play table / benches and fabulous caveman family (always make me laugh as so funny).  It can keep them occupied for hours & hours, which is always a bonus !
What’s also really great is that when they have friends over, there is space for 4-6 on the play table benches, so they can all join in.  The eldest has recently been learning about dinosaurs at school too, so really enjoying giving us all lectures on each of the dinos and their preferred lifestyle / diet ……

3. Barbarossa Ship Jigsaw Puzzle from Djeco
Along with a couple of the make-it kits (create-it robot kit a hot favourite last half term) and Johnnie Joe colouring books, we all also love the Djeco puzzles.  The Barbarossa Ship puzzle has 54 pieces so enough of a challenge but not too overwelming to loose interst & send them running !