The Perfect Mini-Beast Party

How we managed to get this far without one of our boys wanting to have a mini-beast themed party, I’m not too sure, but here we go ….. the countdown is on……
Here of some of my favourite ideas and inspiration ….

Theming & Decorations

There are so many options in how to decorate a room / garden for a mini-beast party, it is such a great theme.
Whether you go for a ready made theme, such The Very Hungry Caterpillar party range, or create your own decorations, the end results can be really magical for young children.   Caterpillar paper chains are very simple to make, with coloured circles of cardboard threaded together with a head at one end and some little dangling legs …… or turn some large honeycomb circles into bees and butterflies hovering around the ceiling ……. or lots of toy mini beasts dotted around the room and poking out from the most unexpected places.

Fancy Dress is an essential at a mini-beast party (I’ve always loved dressing up and so (luckily) do our boys!).
Some children might like to just pop a couple of head boppers and some will love to dress up as ladybirds, bees, butterflies and caterpillars. Don’t forget your camera.

Games & Activities

1. Go on a mini-beast hunt in the garden if it’s dry….. pick up small plastic magnifying glasses and a couple of bug pots and they’ll be occupied for ages.  It’s amazing what can be found in even the smallest of spaces.  If you are feeling ultra organised, have a ponder of what is most likely to be easily found in your particular garden and create a tick list  (with the names and / or images of each bug depending on the age of the party goers), we’ve always found things like that great as it gives the children something to aim for and they’ll love trying to find them all.
(If it’s wet, then why not hide some toy mini beasts around the house ?)

2. Mini-beast mask making …. with a lovely array of coloured card, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter, stick on wobbly eyes etc, be prepared for a wild and wacky range of mask designs.  Kits with ready made masks are available for children to colour, but I think it is soooo much nicer for them to create their very own and unique design.

3. Make a large collage of mini-beasts (this could be linked to the bug hunt idea where children draw all the animals they found on the hunt) and hang it on the wall for the rest of the party.

(If your child is a little older and is keen to have a smaller group of close friends celebrate their birthday with them, why not take them all pond-dipping ?  They will love popping on their wellies and grabbing a net.  It’s a magical way to spend time with the not-so-little ones).

Party games could include Spiders, Worms & Ladybirds (where all the children sit in a circle and are named Spiders, Worms or Ladybirds in turn and have to jump up and run around the outside of the circle when their ‘name’ is called, brilliant fun, but you’ll need lots a room, a great one if you’ve hired a good size village hall or sports hall), Musical Millipedes, Sleeping Snails etc…….

Party Food

I vote for the standard party fare with a mini-beast twist.  How about Snail Sandwiches (crust-free jam sandwiches cut into strips and rolled up), spider cakes (chocolate marshmallow teacakes with mini marshmallows as eyes and liquorice as legs), bee biscuits (with black & yellow striped icing) and even a big bowl of green jelly with some beasty sweets hidden inside.

For the cake ….. we are planning to make a large spider cake (will post with images when complete!) but we’ll also be using one our favourite party items ever, the birthday caterpillar candle.  We’ve used at pretty much every party and it fits with this theme perfectly!

The Perfect Mini-Beast Themed Present

Age 1 –Small Beasts Lift Out Puzzle  or Spider Daysack or Slugs & Snails T-Shirt
Age 2 – Mini Beasts Finger Puppets
Age 3 – Ladybird or Bee Backpack
Age 4 – Mr Rabbit & Hide-Away Mini Beasts Puppets
Age 5 – Frog or Ladybird Wall Clock (complete with Peekaboo eyes!)
Age 6 – Spider or Ladybird Drink Bottle or Caterpillar Golf Game

All wrapped up in some smashing Spider or Butterfly gift wrap. Smashing.