Theme of the day …. Robots

Every little boy I know loves robots … what’s not to like .. they are cool and can do lots of robot-y type things.  We love Robots too at Funky Moose, and here’s just a taster …….

1. Probably in our Top Ten Funky Moose products EVER are our brilliant Robot Plates.
Set of 4 melamine plates, they are so so cool and so so funky.  Whenever our boys have friends over to tea,  they always want to take a set home !  Also available are matching bowls and tumblers.

2. Robot Wall Decals
A brilliant way to liven up walls and boys will love them whatever age so you won’t need to try and peel them off in a couple of years time !  The Wall Decals from Blik come in two different sizes and different colours (esp. love the silver & aruba blue).  Our middle son has three sets on his wall, we’ve mixed and matched the sizes and colours and looks pretty cool if I may say so.
(There’s also a Restik version where the robots are smaller and include more colours and can be more easily repositioned if necessary, very nice too but we still love the original giant ones better).

3. Soft Robot Toy
Start them young on their love of robots, with a very sweet cuddly robot from Trousselier.  At 24cm tall, he’s a very fine specimen, and is a perfect (& sure to be unique) gift for a newborn or a first Christmas.

4. Robot Playsuit
Why not team the soft robot doll with a Robot Playsuit as the perfect pressie for a new little chap ?
Available in four sizes up to 18 months, it is super cool.

5. Robot range from Tyrrell Katz
We carry a grear range of Tyrrell Katz products in their funky robot design.
The range includes robot towel, kit bag, robot drinks bottle, robot lunch bag, and fabulous melamine plate, bowl and tumbler.

Our other best robot-y product is our make-it Robot kit, great for a rainy afternoon.

Now, once you’ve choosen your favourite robot-y product(s), you just have to wrap it in our fabulous Robot wrap.