Top Pancake Fillings!

Well, who thought that such a simple question could cause such a hot debate in the office!
Given the fact we all look forward to an excuse for pancakes, we have surveyed the team to come up with our top fillings:-

1. Cherries & Cream
2. Sugar, Cinnamon and Lemon (that’s mine, I must admit I can’t quite get the whole savory pancake idea and think you can’t beat sugar & lemon……)
3. Roasted Veg & Goats Cheese
4. Cream Cheese, Ham & Spring Onions (melted all together of course!)
5. Blueberries & Blueberries, with some Blueberries on the side
6. Peanut Butter & Banana
7. Nutella, Strawberries & Ice Cream
8. Chicken & Cashew Nuts
9. Bananas & Chocolate Chips
10. Baked Beans & Tabasco Sauce (don’t ask!)