A guide to our range of plates & dinnerware ……..

Over the past couple of years, we have expanded our range of plates, bowls, beakers & dinnerware for babies and children, so thought it would be a great idea to recap on the ranges ……
1. Our spotty range is always one of our favourites …  melamine plates, bowls & beakers, along with lovely cutlery.. available in green, blue, pink and red spot.  Each item is bought seperately so you can mix & match colours to your hearts content. Co-ordinating spotty paper bunting, paper chains and candles also available.

2. Our pastel and brights melamine ranges from Ciroa are also great options for growing families and also for parties (as they make a much nicer option than paper plates & cups) – plates, bowls and beakers are all sold in packs of 4 and are well sized for children (and even make great bowls for snacks & nibbles at grown up parties & events too). Our kids baking range from Miniamo also co-ordinates with the dinnerware and make fabulous gifts.

3. Robots, Monsters, Superheroes and Princesses ….. what child wouldn’t love them ?  Set of 4 melamine plates, bowls or tumblers – each with a different character (be it a Robot, Monster, Superhero or Princess).  These are super super cool and will be the envy of friends (& their parents) that come to tea.

4. We especially love the robots and dinosaurs melamine plates and bowls from Tyrrell Katz (although we do have three boys at home) and the princess design is lovely for little girls.    The tyrrell katz beakers are a delight, feel really solid & chunky and beautiul colours – our absolute favourites ? Pigs and Sheep. They are lovely. Fact.

5. Fancy some fun at the breakfast table ?  Our range of funny animals head plates & bowls are bright & cheery for the mornings.  Mix it up with the monkey, duck, pig and frog.

6. New ranges in for February are seven piece melamine mealtime sets from Martin Gulliver. With plate, bowl, tumbler, egg cup, knife, fork and spoon and at only £15.50 make for very good value.  Currently available on our site are Trucks, Boats & Planes, Ballet Surprise & Jungle Friends. Soon to be available – Pirates and Cupcake Fairy.

7. Also co-ordinating with our Miniamo Baking Sets for children are the Space Rocket and Cupcake ranges. Delightful plates, bowls & tumblers in each design, but with a huge range of co-ordinating items such as (reusuable) straws, table mats, trays and lunch bags. The plates, bowls and tumblers are very well made and are lovely to use.

8. We love the very funky Trebimbi Puppets Table Set (in fact we love all the Trebimbi cutlery).  It is a great set with plate, cup, egg cup and puppets cutlery set which all clips together for easy storage (and to try & prevent it all falling off the table!). Very cool, very functional & very lovely in Fuschia / Green and Blue / Orange.

9. Moving onto ceramic and porcelain, the Martin Gulliver breakfast sets are just beautiful. All the designs are appealing – toy solider (a great christening gift – to be used when child a little older of course !), spots (blue spot, bright spot, pastel spot)  and bright stripes. The sets come in a lovely round box and include plate, bowl, egg cup and cup.  Matching Martin Gulliver 4 piece cutlery sets and egg cup sets are also available.
Newly available in the ABC Breakfast set.

10. Last but not least ….. some specific ranges and products for new babies & weaning …. the Stay Put Bowl & Cutlery set (designed to stick like glue to any smooth surface … anything to minimise constant picking up of first cutlery always a bonus!) and Skip Hop Palette Plate (absolutely love this .. and also great for older children too).