Why we love Bandana Bibs

1. they are fabulous for tiny tots right up to …. well as long as you need them ….. our older kids occassionaly use them if they are eating something particularly messy¬† (the bandanas are a brilliant size, much larger than many on the market and also have a flexible velcro fastening so you can have them as snug or as loose as required)

2. they wash & wash & wash & wash .. we’ve had ours at home for over 5 years and they are still used every day and still look & do the job perfectly

3. they absorb pretty much anything, and let’s face they need to during the first months / years of use (not like lots of the ‘shiny’ bibs where you can watch the dribbles & spilled juice just run the length of the bib & disappear into t-shirts / jumpers …. nice ….)

4. they look lovely (and pretty cool) and not at all embarrassing to pull out in the middle of a packed restaurant or cafe

5. they double up as cowboy fancy dress outfit accessories for 8 years olds and Dads ….(yep, came downstairs to find the boys had raided the kitchen drawers for inspiration for their outfits, they actually looked just right …. I guess just a step on from using the tea-towel for a Navity play shepherd!)

Bandana Bibs, set of 2, £14.50

Available in Navy Cowboy / Pale Blue Gingham, Cow Print / Red Gingham, Pink & Green Poodles / Pink Gingham , Pink Polka Dot / Pink Gingham and Turquoise Polka Dot / Blue Gingham.