Blanket Blog

Our range of David Fussenegger blankets continues to grow.  The blankets are all very beautiful and make delightful additions to the home and also make lovely gifts for new babies & young children.
We wanted to recap on the range available:

The Juwel blankets form the main part of the David Fussenegger range. They are very soft and are 95% cotton.
The smaller size is 75cm x 100cm, and are perfect for popping in the pushchair or car when you pop out as they fold up very well and are great for when you need to add an extra layer.  They are also very handy for around the home.
Our designs are: Dino on Chocolate, Giraffe, Moose, Owl and Pirate.  Priced at £15, they offer a great price for a David Fussenegger blanket and children love the blankets as they are such delighful designs.

The next size in Juwel is 100 x 140cm and they are ideal for single beds and for snuggling up in with a good book !
Designs are: Dotty Animals, Animal Names, Giraffe & Elephant, Hopscotch and Princess.   The first thee listed also come in lovely choice of colours.

The largest Juwel is the XL Around the World which is perfect for the sofa, we can fit four of us under ours and it covers the whole sofa. Perfect for a family movie. Love it.

Cushions are also available to match some of the blankets, and these come complete with cushion pad inner.

In the Juwel range, additional items are the Juwel Stripe Blanket with pockets (with matching organiser & cushion) and also the sleeping bag.

Othello is a delightful development of the Juwel blanket range.  He is an XL blanket at 1400 x 200cm.  He can be rolled up with the removable head and tail added, makes a delightul dog.

Niki Blankets come in two sizes and are very very very soft cuddly blankets. 85% Cotton & 15% Polyacrylic.
In 75cm x 100cm, we have Black & White Stripe, Cream Animals, Goblin and Happy Cow.  In the larger size, 100 x 150, the Dinosaur blanket available in Blue or Red.

Our favourite blanket it the Toadstool blanket in the Lili range. A delightully large 140 x 200cm, 95% cotton with beautiful blanket stitch edging.

David Fussenegger also produce a lovely range of blankets in organic cotton, both 70 x 90cm. Pepe Organic and the newer Lena Organic (absolutely beautiful caterpillar design).

Finally, the Panda range of blankets are 60% Bamboo and 40% Cotton, so incredibly soft and also very environmentally friendly. Available in two sizes, 75 x 100cm, 100 x 150cm.