Cooking for Mothers Day … some recipes the little ones can help with

These are some lovely recipies for children to help with, so they can help treat Mum on Mothers Day, but they will of course need lots of grown-up assistance.

For starters, how about some tasty Crostini / Brushetta.
Take some slices of bread or Ciabatta, and pop them in the oven or under the grill until they are golden brown.
While the bread is baking, cut up some baby tomatoes into quarters amd mix with some fresh basil leaves and olive oil (& black pepper if liked).
Once the bread comes out of the oven, rub some garlic on one side and then let the children help arrange the tomato mixture on top and finish with some little cubes of mozzarella.

For the main course, some delicious Mini Vegetable Frittatas
We had these at home for the first time a few weeks ago and they went down a treat, so thought we’d share the recipie.  Our boys both loved helping to make them and also enjoyed eating them, so a perfect recipie!
Rather than making one large frittata, these are made in a cupcake / muffin tray, so allow 2 – 3 each for a main course.
Chop up a couple of spring onions, 2 courgettes and a red pepper, they need to be chopped up quite small (ie 1cm pieces for the courgettes and pepper). Place together in a bowl and pop to the side for a mo.

Break 7 large eggs, add 120ml single cream and beat together.

Pop 2 tablsepoons of olive oil into a frying pan and add the spring onion mix and some fresh herbs (we used oregano). Stir and cook (medium temperature), stirring regularly for just 5 mins or until the veg turn a golden brown.  Remove from the heat and after about 5 mins, add 120g Gruyere cheese & 6 cut-up cherry tomotoes.

Spoon the vegetable & cheese mixture into the cupcake tray, adding an equal amount to each hole.  Then pour on the egg mixture.

Pop the tray in the oven until each of the little frittatas are golden brown and set (about 20-25 mins at 180C).  When cooked, remove from the oven and let them cool for a few minutes before removing from the tray and serving.  Yumm.

Please don’t forget that children will need assistance with these recipies, especially when using the cooker or hob, and dealing with hot ingredients and pans / trays.

We’ll be adding some ideas for puds to our blog tomorrow …..