Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – Quiz

We love Roald Dahl h ere at Funky Moose and ca’t wait to get the full range of our Roald Dahl wall canvas prints up on walls of our showroom. One of our favourites is naturally Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and for something completely different on our blog, here is the first of our Roald Dahl quizzes ……….. have fun with the kids, test your knowledge against theirs … but be prepared to be beaten by them(!) ….


1. How many golden tickets were there?
a   Four
b   Five
c   Six

2. Who won the third g olden ticket ?
a   Voilet Beauregarde
b   Charlie Bucket
c   Augustus Gloop

3. What was the name of the British Inventor who invented the machine that could tell you if a bar of chocoate contained a golden ticket without even unwrapping it ?
a   Professor Foulshoes
b   Professor Newton
c   Professor Foulbody

4. What did Veruca Salt’s father  do for a job?
a   He was a farmer
b   He was a disco DJ
c   He owned a peanut factory

5. What did Charlie’s family have for supper most nights?
a   Cabbage soup
b   Fish fingers
c   Cauliflower cheese

6. Where did Charlie find the 50p that helped him find the golden ticket?
a   Behind his grandparents bed
b   In the snow
c   In the vegetable patch

7. Where did Charlie find his golden ticket ?
a   In a packet of Everlasting Gobstoppers
b   In a bar of Wonka’s Nutty Crunch Surprise
c   In a bar of Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight

8. Who accompanied Charlie on his visit to the Chocolate Factory?
a   Grandma Josephine
b   Grandpa Joe
c   His father, Mr Bucket

9. Which three of the following tried to steal Willy Wonka’s secret recipes?
a   Mr Slugworth
b   Mr Fickelgruber
c  Mr Noseyparker
d  Mr Prodnose

10. How did Willy Wonka mix his chocolate?
a   By waterfall
b   By food mixer
c   By windmill

11. How did Willy Wonka promise to pay the Oompa-Loompas?
a   Milk and biscuits
b   Cacao beans and chocolate
c   Whiskey and mince pies

12. What happend to Augutus Gloop?
a   He was attacked by squirrels
b   He was sucked up into a glass pipe
c   He turned into a giant blueberry

13. How many types of chocolate bar did Willy Wonka invent?
a   Fifty seven
b   Over two hundred
c   About one hundred and fifty

14. What did Willy Wonka build for Prince Pondicherry?
a   A chocolate car
b   A palace made from chocolate
c   A chocolate statue for his garden

15. What was Mike Teavee’s favourite way to spend time at home?
a   Watching television
b   Riding his bike
c   Playing water polo

16. What did Violet Beauregarde end up as?
a   A giant blueberry
b   A giant blackberry
c   A giant blackcurrant

17. What button did Willy Wonka press in the great glass elevator (when Charlie was the only one left)?

18. Who fainted when the greatglass elevator crashed through the roof of Charlie’s house?
a   Mrs Bucket
b   Grandma Josephine
c   Grandma Georgina


We’ll publish the answers on our blog next weekend.

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