Camp Bestival ….. Check

We  are all SOOOOOO excited about our first time at Camp Bestival ….. and just finalising my ‘Must Take’ List:-

1. Bell Tent – yup, would be a bit exposed and a bit drafty without that, so can’t forget to pack that

2. Windbreak – love our Floral Windbreak, so will be showing that off, sure to get lots of Windbreak Envy !

3. Ipod and Travel Speakers – we’ll obviously be getting lots of music over the weekend, so shall load the ipod with some Roald Dahl and Paddington in the (perhaps vain) attempt of getting the young ones off to sleep

4. Talking of the young ones, will be taking a small stash of Infobands identity bracelets to strap on them all just in case we get parted, although am sure they’d find their way back to us at ice-cream time – so little and light to take, taking a stash so they can always give some to their friends in case their parents forgot to pack their own!

5. Toddler daysack for the youngest, as he is very very good at wandering off, has to be the shark backpack, such fun !

6. Tea Bags, no more said

7. Digital Camera, not the big one, little one will do

8. Ice Cream Ball – yup, bit more camper envy coming our way, we’ll be making our own Ice Cream mid-festival and mid-camp, how cool

9. Waterproofs & Wellys – sad, but true

10. Some bunting as I’m thinking we need to mark our tent out as I have a feeling we may not be the only Bell Tent there (!) ….. if we have time beforehand, will personalise some ‘my own bunting‘ or more likely will grab some of the Cool Boys Bunting from Engel (better not make the tent too ‘pretty’ as I am outnumbered by males 4:1 and I am making them take a pink Ice Cream Ball!)


I know I will end up forgetting loads of the things that keep popping into my head, never mind I’m sure we’ll cope,  yipee, see you there xxxx