Which wall stickers ?……..

We often get asked our opinions on the best wall stickers, to be honest we love them all (and choose to sell them because we do) but some of our top picks are:-

Chandelier Wall Decals in Midnight (by Blik)

Perfect for adding some glamour to a room without all the hassle and expense of the real thing.  A real design feature for any room and a fab house-warming gift.


Dyno Mite Wall Sickers (by Wall Candy)

As Mum to three boys, I can honestly say these are best things we ever put on our boys walls.  They think they are such brilliant fun and act as a real background to the dinosaur and play battles in their room.
With 4 T-Rex, 2 Stegosaurus, lots of  Parachuting Army Guys and Clouds / Trees / Stars and Lightening Bolts galore, what little (or big) boy wouldn’t love it ?  All the stickers are also very easy to remove and reposition should you wish too.

Wee Gallery Elephant Wall Decals

A absolutely beautiful gift for a new baby, the range of Wee Gallery wall decals are not only delightful but also their black & white images are the pefect stimulation for a young baby.  We especially love the Elephants with their curly trunks and curly tails.

Boodalee Tree Wall Decals (from Blik)

Another beautiful choice for a young childs room. Very contemporary and ‘hip’ and available in a choice of lovely colour palettes. With a couple of trees, lots & lots (& lots) of leaves and a smattering of forest animals (109 decals in total), it’s a real delight and once which the grown-ups will happily sit and study (rather than giving them a headache at story time or during nightime feeds!).

We also love the Cloud Wall Decals from Blik.  Another design that works well in a nursery, we’ve also used them in our spare room to great effect.  Available in snow with snow (white) clouds and graphite (grey) planes or sky (blue) clouds with graphite (grey) planes.   Original and restik versions available – the restik version let’s you remove and reposition to your hearts content.

Robot ReStik Wall Decals

Another top favourite from the boys (big & little in our house). With 8 x 20cm tall robots in mixed colours, we had these on the walls and on the windows.  Such fun.