Oxo Tot at Funky Moose

We are very excited to have the Oxo Tot range of highchairs and baby & toddler feeding products in our warehouse and showroom.

The Oxo Tot Sprout highchair is fabulous.  It is incredibly practical with easy to remove parts and very easy to clean (with no little annoying nooks & crannies). It has been designed to be used from age 6 months through to around 5 years and has some great features as your child gets older.
Some of the key features of the Sprout highchair:- three levels of seat height and depth (perfect as the little one grows), four footrest settings, one handed tray adjustment (soooooo handy), all chair surfaces very easy to wipe, easily removable seat cushions, and the list goes on …..
We stock the Sprout Highchair in the Walnut & Green and Birch & Taupe, in our view the two loveliest of colourways.

We also now stock the Oxo Tot Sippy Cup which is simple in it’s design but oh so clever in it’s features.  The handles are removable (for when baby is ready) and are angled so baby doesn’t have to twist wrists to far, liquid levels are visible through the translucent cup and the leakproof valve prevents spills. (It even has a little dimple in the lid to accomodate little noses … Ahhh).

The Oxo Tot Training Cups also meet a real need for little ones (and thier parents) ready to move from a spouted beaker but not quite ready for an open cup. The transculent lid has small holes around the perimeter to control the the flow of liquid (so no big gushes or spills). When tot is ready, the lid can be removed converting it into a regular cup.  Ta-Da.


We’ve lost count of the number of times we have been asked for the best plate for babies, toddlers and young children with a lip around the edge …… and here it is.  No more chasing the food around the plate resulting in it spilling over the edges.  The ring keeps food inside the plate and helps guide food onto the utensils (always a bonus!).  When tot is ready for the next stage, just remove the ring and hey presto, a more ‘grown up’ plate.
The Oxo Tot Training Plate is also weighted for extra stability and has a non-slip base.

The Oxo Fork & Spoon Set is also very cleverly designed. With curved handles and soft non-slip grips, tots will soon master the use of cutlery. The fork and spoon even have a flat spot on the handles to stop them rolling off the table !   The deep spoon aids easy scooping and the fork tines (didn’t know they were called that) will effectively pierce food without any edges.

The Oxo Tot Flip Top Snack Cup is one those items that you look at think ‘ when would I use that’, but is actually one of the most useful products we have (in the warehouse and at home).  Perfect for taking little snacks with you when you pop out (in the pushchair, in the car, at the park) … it’s the answer to the ‘thing’ you always spend ages searching before you go out to pop the raisins in.  It’s got a wide opening so little ones will manage without assistance, and the lid is very secure but also easy for little ones to open and close (it’s also attached to the cup, so no more hunting around the car for the ‘missing’ lid). Ingenious. Love it.

The Oxo Tot Small and Large Bowl Set have high-sided straight walls to help little hands scoop from the bowl, guiding food onto the spoon. With a stable base and a snap on lid (great for leftovers), what more could you want from a bowl ?

Not sure which to get ?  Why not start with the four piece dining set ?   Training plate, large bowl and fork and spoon – you’ll never look back !