Keep them busy at Half Term

Cannot believe the Half Term has come around already, and I guess we are all hoping for some more sunny warm weather to get them outdoors and running arond ….. however …. should the rain come or shoul they crave a day in the house, here are some of our favourite half term activities:-

Make-It Kits from The Little Experience
We have over 20 kits to choose from, from mini kits at £5.90 upto X-Large kits for £19, and with options from as young as age 3 up to age 10 and beyond. We thought it would be most useful to list them by age:-

Age 3:-

Fashion Design Kit – brilliant little kit with lots of different clothes to add (remember these when I was little!)
Flowery Jewellery Kit – beautiful and little girls will love to wear their own creations
Monster Finger Puppets Kit – top of my list for half term activities
Prima Ballerina Kit – what little won’t love this ?
Endangered Species Fingers Puppet Kit with fox, deer and owl
Daisy Chain Kit – very very very very sweet
(these are all mini kits at £5.90 each, so why not grab a couple ?  a really beautiful to spend the afternoon)

Age 4:-

Build-it Pirate Ship – does what it says on the box (!)
Build-it Plane Kit
Space Explorer Rocket
Mini SteamBoat Kit
Build-it Bulldozer Kit
Enchanted Castle (Medium Kit- £10)
Princess Castle (Large Kit – £15)
Create-It Jigsaw Kit
Robot Kit -love this one, as you can even recycle the box to make a couple more robots
Bouncy Ball Kit – how much fun can you have for £5.90 ?
Bird House / Bird Cafe Kit – great for the Spring & Summer, get one this half term, the garden will love it !


Age 5:-

Mini Rocket kit


Age 6:-

Stitch-it Flowery Handbag Kit – absolutely lovely kit, recommended ages from 6 through to 16
Build-It Fort Kit – just add knights & prepare for battle
Plant -It Vegetable Patch Kit – can recommend this one, we have spent the last couple of weekends with it and our boys, brilliant
Stitch-It Dolly Kit – our favourite of the Stitch-It Dolly kits, she is soooo pretty and very sweet








Age 8:-

Stitch-it Owl Kit – another of our favourites
Rag Doll Molly Kit
Knit-It Bunny Buddies Kit – knit your own teddies, so sweet
Knit-it Mice Kit – eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk
Knit-it Monkey Kit – perennial customer favourite
Knit-it Sheep Kit – baaaaa
Stitch-it Pink Piggies Kit – love, love, love this one – very lovely pair of pigs
Stitch-It Bedtime Bear – another way to make your own very own ted, so much nicer than a shop-bought ted
Flower Doll Kit
Stitch-It Elephant Kit
and our very favourite, Stitch-It Donkey Kit, absolutely adorable.


Other fabulous activities include the Rosie Flo and Johnny Joe colouring books.  Delightful books were children can draw their own heads and limbs, and then colour to their hearts content.  All with very interesting and beautiful images, the books are highly recommended. My personal favourite ? The Rosie Flo Kitchen colouring book, which is also currently half price at £2.99.

Still got time to spare, how about some puzzles or  a music session or a story telling session with younger children.  Our classic story set puppet sets are always a favourite, include the story (in case you are a bit rusty on the stories!) and are great value at around £15 to £17.