Haba Marble Runs





Haba Wooden Marble Run Sets and Accessories make perfect Christmas presents, and are certainly on Santa’s list for our very nearly 5 year old and 7 year old.

As a starting point, the Haba Marble Run Ball Track Construction Set or the Marble Run Master Building Set are fabulous ….. the same basic concept in that they contain a range of slopes, tracks, blocks and marbles to get you off to a great start. The Ball Track Sound Starter Set is also a lovely option as a first kit and contains lots of musical elements – with ringing track, melodious blocks and a drum included.


The additional sets and add-ons make perfect items to put on Christmas lists as they vary in price from £10 upto £40.

Another great addition is the Marble Run Domino Rally …. how much fun to combine the marble run with a domino run ?   Can’t wait to try this out on Christmas morning when our boys unwrap it.

The Melodious Building Blocks are just lovely and one of my favourites – watch and listen to the marble as it makes it’s way down the pentatonic scale.
The Skyscraper is also a fun accessory – with a glass front, it’s super to watch the marbles as they click clack their way down the skyscraper tracks.
The Marble Run Basketball Hoop is also on our 7 years olds list and it’s obvious why !
The Marble Run Flexible Ball Track is a great way to get the marble down from on top of the table to onto a chair on onto the floor.
The Marble Run Trampoline is also new in 2012 and great fun.

Other add-ons include the Clamp and Ramp Set, Meadow Funnel and the Tunnel Curve.

Perfect stocking fillers include the Marble Set, Ball Track Monster (watch him gobble up the marbles as they drop in) and my favourite, the glow-in-the-dark ghost marbles.