The Haba Soft Doll Collection – An Update for Christmas 2014

The Haba Soft Doll range has always been one of our favourites, and it continues to grow.  We stock the full range at Funky Moose and thought it would be handy to give an update on the range for Santa ….

The Dolls come in three sizes, 38cm, 34cm and 30cm.
The larger, 38cm, dolls are Lotta (red hair), Charlotte (brown hair), Amelie (blond hair), Paola (long dark hair), Souri (brown hair), Fay Finja (long auburn hair) and the newest addition Sihu (black hair), the Native Amercian Doll.
The mid-sized dolls, 34cm, are Clara (brown hair) and Annie (short blond hair).
The 30cm dolls are Mali (blond hair and a customer favourite), Yui (short black hair), Lilli (pink hair), Nelly (blond hair), Florentine / Elise (auburn hair) and Graham (the lone boy of the range – with dark hair)

Each of the dolls have a padded body and chenille hair.  They can be dressed and undressed (there are many other dress sets available) and are machine washable.

Additional dress sets are:-

For the 38cm dolls:- Ballerina (complete with tutu), Raindrops (gorgeous raincoat and red spotty whellies), Good Night (PJs & dressing gown), Laurina (with jeans & bandana), Ida (warm snuggly coat & scarf), Beach Fun Set (check out the duck rubber ring!), Sports Clothes, Bastian and Max.  Also now available is the American Indian Clothes Set.

The other main range of clothes fit both the 30cm and 34cm tall dolls – and comprises of:- Strawberry (very sweet with little white beanie hat), Ballerina, Aline (jeans set), Lina (with dress set & leggings), Pyjamas, Frida (snuggly outdoor gear), and Toni (sports wear – perfect for Graham doll).   A favourite addition this year is the  Gardening Dress Set.
New this year were the multiple sets for the 30cm / 34cm dolls, set of 3 leggings, set of 3 sun-dresses, set of 3 trousers, set of 3 skirts and set of 4 t-shirts.

Another new dress sets fit all of the Haba Dolls – the Cuisine / Cooking Dress Set (also now available, the set of pots and pans for the dolls!).

One of our favourite new items in the range is the Doll Suitcase, fabulous for popping all the  clothes in either at home, or if you are heading off somewhere.   Why not grab one of the ironing & laundry sets, so give the little clothes an iron.

Just to confuse (!), Luca the Baby Doll is actually the largest at 40cm, but he is incredibly sweet and a perfect first doll.
He has a growing range of accessories. Luca has his own additional clothes set,   feeding settable seat, sleeping bag, changing bag, carry cot, and baby carrier (Luca’s baby carrier has been a huge hit already this year). Many of these accessories for Luca can be used for some of the other dolls, especially the infant seat carrier.
He also has a brand new cot.

The Dolls have a fabulous house, the portable dolls house, carry cot,   school set (with satchel and note books) and  tableware set.    

There is also a choice of a couple of horses – Paulina (white & pink and very sweet), Lanu (brown and perfect the Sihu) and the slightly smaller Sissi.
For fun with the horses, they have their very own Stable and Horse Show Set (love it, with horse jumps and bucket).

There are two doll prams available – one with Hearts bedding and one with Flowers bedding. Also a very sweet dolls buggy.


Fay Finja has Land of the Fays Tent, Rug & Poufee – which are perfect accessories for all the dolls.


One of the most exciting introductions to the range has to be the new wooden furniture range for the Haba Doll range.  With a gorgeous table, chair, bed (which upside down, will rock) and wardrobe / cupboard.