Haba soft dolls and the extra clothes sets – a guide !!

We have had some lovely lovely lovely new dolls and some new clothes set arrive for the Haba soft doll collection, and thought that we’d pop down a summary of the two sized dolls and the additional clothes sets for the dolls, as there is quite a large range available now.

The taller 38cm dolls are:

  • Charlotte, think French Chic …. very elegant with blue outfit, scarf and beret, new to the range for 2010
  • Souri – always reminds us of Handa from the childrens story book, beautiful yellow dress
  • Paola – very very pretty pink dress with lilac headband, perhaps the most traditional looking of the range
  • Phil – the chap in the 38cm tall range, with very cool cap and backpack
  • Lotta – the original and still the most loved
  • Amelie – very sweet and summery
  • Fay Finja – very special with cape and flower basket, she even has a range of play tent, poufe and rug

Clothes sets for the 38cm tall dolls:

  • Beach fun – if you follow our blogs, you’ll know this is one of our favs, complete with duck rubber ring, beach towel and sunglasses
  • Riding Set – when off on a trot with Paulina
  • Sportswear – for the ladies
  • Bastian – football kit for Phil
  • Max – casual wear for Phil
  • Raindrops – absolutely adore this, just a simple blue mac and smashing red polka dot boots
  • Good Night – with PJs and dressing gown … night night
  • Ida – Winter coat, warm hat & scarf and snuggly clothes set
  • Bella – summer dress with sun hat and sandals

The 30cm dolls are:

  • Florentine … new to the range for 2o10 and gorgeous with dungarees and a very trendy hat
  • Yannik – usually spotted with Souri, a very sweet little lad
  • Lilli – pink in a word and very very sweet for little girls
  • Nele – her hair is just the sweetest thing and has a little flower band too
  • Lukas – another little lad in smart stipy trousers and a little pet mouse

Clothes set for 30cm dolls:

  • Ballerina – beautiful and new for 2010
  • Strawberry – very sweet little outfit including dress & jacket
  • Toni – football kit for the boys
  • Frida – warm outfit and winter coat

Also baby Luca has his own dress set too.

Other items in the range: