Heading off to the beach with the kids? Then don’t forget ……..

1. Swim Suits
It’s no fun being at the seaside if you can’t go for a dip in the sea and the Mitty James range of swimwear for children is delightful.
If your taking the tinies with you, then you’ll be needing a Happy Nappy, the most comfortable and most recommended swim nappy for babies & toddlers, they are truly a great invention.  We just love the Frou Frou swim top, available for little girls to match their swim nappy, so so so cute.
If you’re spending all day on the beach, then it may easier to kit the children out in UV sun protection suits and will save constant sun cream lathering.

2.  Sun Cream
An obvious essential but just make sure you’ve got enough and it’s a high factor if you’re using it on the children.

3.  UV Pop Up Tents
Great as a base of the beach, as a marker when wandering back to your gang after a paddle and ideal for escaping out of the sun if just for a little rest.  We’ve used our beach tent every trip and the boys love it for eating, playing and their Dad loves it for a sneaky snooze.

4.  Water & Snacks
Rather than having to trek off to the (probably very expensive) beach café, take your own stash of goodies for the kids, so you can hold out on the beach until the crowds all head off for supper.  We love the beach at tea time when it’s quieter, still warm and just perfect for chilling out.  Take plenty of water and let the kids take their own in a drinks bottle, that way they may feel more inclined to take regular drinks.

5.  Towelling Poncho
Even though the weather is warm, the sea breeze can feel a little crisp when the little ones step out of the sea.  What could be better than wrapping up a cuddly towelling poncho and chilling out in the beach tent for 5 minutes.

6.  Hats, Hats, Hats
… don’t forget the hats.

7.  A couple of simple beach toys
They don’t need to be anything snazzy, just a simple scrunch bucket and spade will keep them busy for ages. If you don’t take one with you, you’ll only end up having to buy one from the (still very expensive) beach café

8.  Spare set of clothes

As all parents of small children know, you never have a spare set of clothes when you need them, so pop one into the bulging beach bag.  You’ll be glad you did.  Trust me.

9.  Waterproof, sandproof, kidproof camera

If you have one, pop one of those hard-to-destroy cameras in your bag.  Some of our favourite family snaps are from simple days at the beach.

10.  ..and Relax ….
Take a good book or a magazine you’ve been trying to find time to read for ages, you never know, today might be the day you finally get past page 1.