Last minute World Book Day costumes

World Book Day

I know the feeling, it’s one day away and you’ve either forgotten about World Book Day or your children forgot to tell you …… we’ve all been there!  Don’t panic, just look below at some of our quick fix and easy to accessorise World Book Day costumes ….

Cat in the Hat  – one of my all time favourites !  Our youngest son has worn this DIY costume a couple of times and we always love it.  All you need is a black pair of trousers, a black long-sleeved t-shirt or polo neck with some white fur sewn on, a red scarf (very simple to make at home with some red felt) and a striped red and white hat (can be bought or made very simply).  Complete with white face paint and eyeliner to draw in the cat nose & whiskers.

Mr Greedy – just grab a large pink jumper, shove a cushion up inside and hold in place with a belt, and hey presto, Mr Greedy

Queen of Hearts – all you need is a black skirt and white shirt, cut out some hearts from red paper and pin / stick to the shirt and make a simple gold crown. Ta-da.

Mary Poppins – the basic costume is also a black skirt and white shirt, add a hat and an umbrella, and off you pop(pins).

Boy in the Dress – not sure any explanation is needed, just a big dose of courage.

Where’s Wally – if you don’t have a red and white striped top, grab an old white t-shirt, draw some red lines on it, add a bobble hat (who doesn’t love a bobble hat) and thick black glasses

Matilda – standard dress, ribbon in hair and a big pile of books

Tin Tin – trousers (ideally biege) tucked into long socks (we’ve always used football socks), blue jumper and hair gelled into a quiff, plus white toy dog if you’ve one handy

Gangsta Granny – all you need to make is a black mask if you don’t have one (really simple with black felt, cut two eye holes and sew on some elastic), ‘granny’ clothes – so anything from your wardrobe basically !, some old slippers and wrinkly tights. Lovely.

Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz – if you’ve got horses or rabbits or anything along those lines, you’ll have the one vital ingredient – straw.  Any oversized clothes and an old hat with straw poking out of anywhere and everywhere.  Perfect.