Marble Runs from Haba and Quadrilla

Here at Funky Moose, we are big big fans of the marble runs from both Haba and Quadrilla.
Our testing panel (aged 4,6, and 9) absolutely love the Haba marble runs and with good reason.

The best place to start with a wooden marble run ?  We would advise one of the starter sets from Haba. Choose from the Ball Track Construction Set which is a great starting point with a zigzag track, bell and 42 wooden pieces in total.
The ultimate in Haba marble run starter sets has to be the Master Marble Run Building Set, with a total of 77 wooden pieces, it includes the brilliant meadow funnel, a couple of clickclack tracks and a tin of marbles.
For those music lovers out there, the Ball Track Sound Starter Set is gorgeous.  With all the basic elements to get your marble run going, it also includes a range of musical building elements, such as a melodious track and a drum.

Once you have the basic kit in place, then the fun can really start.  Construct the track differently each time you put it together for hours of fun. We’ve had ours at home starting on the kitchen table working it’s way down the chairs onto the floor, and all sorts of other places too!
One of the best parts about the Haba Marble Runs are all the fabulous add-ons available.
Our favourites include the flexible ball track – the perfect way to get your ball down off a tabl, the basketball hoop and the glow-in-the-dark ghost marbles.












The Quadrilla Mable Runs also make fabulous gifts.  They are colourful marble runs and offer some very compact options.