Educational Toys for young children

We recently exhibited a conference and took along a selection of our gorgeous wooden toys and educational aids, and thought it would be useful to give some feedback on the most popular products among the educational specialists:-

Play Bench Ballino
A beautiful wooden toy with 4 different activities on each side encouraging all types of ball movement. With a loop of eight to roll the ball along, a rattle track to send the balls along  and a ball guide track where the balls drops through a hole in the end.  The fourth side has three holes where children need to knock the three balls through. When each ball drops through, a little bell rings.




Cascading Ball Track

Children send the three balls down the ball track  and are rewarded with stimiulating features such as little bells.



Rainbow Tower

A very simple but wonderful wooden stacking toy.  With six coloured stacking discs of varying size, from 4 to 10 cm Ø.  Also aids colour recognition and concept of sizes.






Stacking Clown

Always a favourite at Funky Moose, the stacking clown is an absolute delight.  Not only is he very cool and lots of fun to look out, he also is perfect for encouraging and teaching Shape and Colour recognition.







Shape Sorter Curioso

A beautiful take on the classic Shape Sorter toy.  Each of the coloured shaped block has an acoustic and optical element to stimulate.  Comes with 8 discovery blocks. The sorter is simple to open and access and the two panels can also be removed if required, increasing the versatility as an educational and teaching aid.

Animal Sorting Box

Beautiful  themed sorting box with two interchangeable animal scenes, each with three slots for the animals to be slotted into. The box comes with 6  wooden animal shaped pieces.


Caterpillar Dice Threading Game

Very simple game that combines colour recognition with threading and very simple first game rules.


My First Games – Feeling & Touching, Shapes & Colours, Orchard

Delightful range of games designed with very simple rules which also aid learning of conceps such as colour, shape and texture. Also recommended for motor skill development.  Each of the games can be played either individually or with up to three players.




Rainbow Whirls Game

A beautiful game / toy designed for free and independant play.  With various colored pegs and rings, it is a wonderful aid for developing motor skills and colour and matching skills.

Pelle and Lotta Living Puppets

Very popular large puppets very popular with nurseries and pre-schools. With full movement and easy access to head, mouth and arms, they are very engaging for young children and a perfect way to interact.  Also an ideal puppet for song time and for signing with young children. 65 cm tall.