Our top five picks for a childs bedroom

Whether you start with a blank canvas or whether the design develops over time, there are some groovy (while still practical) essentials and accessories for bedrooms for the young ones.

Let’s start with the walls as they can be sooooo much fun.

As you’ll see on our site, we offer a wide range of options for the walls with wallpaper and wall decals (stickers) galore.
Our wall decals could have their very own top ten, but our favourites (if we really have to choose…..) are:

Nintendo Supermario Wall Decals.  As my friends will confirm, I’m not a fan of too much licensed stuff, but these are really cool (and given that I do the buying for Funky Moose, they’d need to be to make it into our warehouse).  Choose from Original or New Supermario.  They come with a couple of sheets of stickers meaning that you can create your own design and customise to the space you have available.
Everyone loves them and now does our eldest (especially with the new Wii games bringing Supermario back and introducing to a whole new audience). Yep, pretty cool they are.

For younger ones, we love the Wee Gallery Wall Decals, they are primarily black & white with just highlights of colour.  They are great for young babies, but so beautiful that they don’t need to be replaced as soon as baby reaches a certain age.  A range of designs to choose frm such as Garden, Woodlands, Jungle etc..  Wee Gallery art cards are equally as lovely and make a great gift (and can also be converted into a charming mobile with the addition of a kikkerland mobile).

Other lovely lovely large wall decals include chandelier, robots, space by boodalee, seasons tree ……..

We’ve recently added a range of smaller wall stickers from Wallies and our top picks are the Alphabet and Giraffe Height Chart.

Next … now what duvet covets etc…..

We do have a couple of ranges of bedding for older children and we’ll be increasing this range over the Spring. Our top favourite is the Wild West duvet cover, curtains and lampshade.

Among our favourite of all the ranges we stock are the  nursery bedding from Cloud Cuckoo and Ella & Otto.  Our favourites of the favourites are the Monkey Print from Cloud Cuckoo with it’s funky print.  It’s a tricky choice on the Ella & Otto range as love all the designs.  Would probably plump for the Garden print (Lollipop Tearose a close second). The ranges include cot bumper, cot quilt (which also doubles as a playmat – very cool idea), sleeping bag through the hooded towels, laundry bags and very cute cushions in the Ella & Otto ranges.

Shed some light on the bedroom …..

Depending on the needs & what you require lighting for, whether reading books to a pre-schooler or nipping in for quiet night time checks with a newborn, the range of lighting continues to expand.
In our youngest’s bedroom, we have an elephant light chain (the single and triple led lights are battery powered and also phase through a range of colours – delightful). We find it great to pop on when we’re getting him off to sleep but also about perfect if left on so we can check on him if we need to.
We also have a set of Candela which we move around the house as required, very handy. The Oxo lights are the new name for the Candeloo, our best selling lights and for good reason.
For an older child, the Sputnik light is a fabulous option – with three settings – main light (great for reading), main light & leds and leds only (great for nightlight).

That’s my name ……

It’s become increasingly apparent to me as to how much children like to see their name ‘in lights’, or perhaps not in lights as much as on their books, on their toys and on their walls.
We have options for lettering in four formats to suit any room style and design ….. 1. wall stickers (two sizes, lots of different designs – gingham, spots, pirate …..),  2. silver gilt letters (stunning and actually lovely all around the house),  3. cotton bunting (buttons together .. love, love, love it … we actually use the floral bunting when we take funky moose to summer festivals) and  4. fabric padded letters (the ultimate).

Finally …… accessories (where do we start …….)

Could ramble on here forever ….. blankets ….. cushions ….. notice boards …… toy bags ……. but I’ll try to restrain myself and just give you my absolute favourites …

Top of the list are the Wall CanvasesBeano & Dandy (also for the big boys of the house in their study!) and for the younger children, Roald Dahl wall canvas.

Our wool rugs from Haba are also an absolute delight and a gorgeous addition to any childs bedroom.

Every childs bedroom needs storage, (which seems to increase exponentially with their age), and one of our most beautiful options in the Mia hanging wardrobe.  She forms part of the Mia bedroom range which if I had any little girls I’d be sneaking home from the warehouse.

Finally, if you’ve got the space, why not treat the children to a fabulous play tent. Check out our site for the options, our picks would be Caro Lini or Marrakesh Tent for Girls and the Pirate Play Tent for boys.

Well, that’s just some thoughts for you …. if you need any advice on any product or are looking for anything specific that you haven’t managed to find, give us a call and we’ll do our best to assist ……