Ready for Easter ?

We’ve some lovely things for little ones and families at Easter …. and there’s still time to get them to you …

Just Add Chocolate ……

to our fabulous Easter Egg Hunt Kit for a brilliant couple of hours fun in the garden, park or (if it’s wet) house.  Our favourite part of the kit is the gorgeous little bunny footprints !  Also with signposts and eight bags to gather the chocolate loot.

For new little ones born around Easter time, if you can’t resist the urge to give them something ‘of the moment’  – how about one of these very sweet ‘bunny’ themed gifts …..
Seasons Wall Decals – lovely lovely wall decals, spring-themed, but delightful all year round

Lapinos the Deglingos– suitable from birth, and one of the funkiest pressies to be found.
One of the brilliant Deglingos gang, he has his very own personality ….. “Hippity, hop, hop!!!  The sporty man of the band, that’s me, Lapinos! I am a go-getter, a true torpedos!  The only problem is that I am super clumsyos and I can’t stop tripping over these big feet and tangling up my enormous ears.  Excuse me now – I’m off to sniff out some healthy vegetablos!”


For older children, how about one of our lovely Hen number puzzles, a very sweet design with baby chicks lined up, it also encourages numeracy and counting skills.


Or one of our lovely wooden push along chickens.



With at least two weeks off school and nursery, that leaves some great time for some family games.  Our top pick for the Easter holidays is the Dancing Eggs game – so much fun and a great way to burn off some excess energy ….

Finally, from our clearance sale, why not grab one of our last sets of Crazy Cascarones ?
A mexican party favourite, they are great for Easter gatherings, where they are said to bring you & your friends good luck.