Roald Dahl Quiz – How well do you know Fantastic Mr Fox ?

The second installment of our Roald Dahl quizzes, and this time we’ve chosen Fantastic Mr Fox…..

1. What where the names of the three farmers?
a. Boggis, Bunce and Bean
b. Woggis, Dunce and Lean
c. Moggis, Munce and Mean
d. Loggis, Lunce and Lean

2. How many small foxes did Mr and Mrs Fox have ? 
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. Five

3. What kind of fellow was Rat ?
a.  Gentle old rat
b. Rather smelly
c. Very shy
d. Fighting & angry rat

4. How gave the foxes a fright in the tunnel ?
a. Hedgehog
b. Weasel
c. Rabbit
d. Badger

5. How long did it take the foxes to tunnel away (to escape the sounds of the shovels?)
a. Ten minutes
b. Twenty minutes
c. Fourty-five minutes
d. One hour

6. What type of farmer was Bunce ?
a. A potato farmer
b. A brussell sprout farmer
c. A cabbage farmer
d. A duck & goose farmer