Top 9 Funky Buys for Babies

Our top 9 funkiest buys for a new baby

Chocolate Pod Bedding

–          a very practical gift yet also very funky

Barbapapa Chain Lights

–          even better if Mum & Dad remember Barbapapa from their childhood !

Magica Clutching Toy

–          beautiful, simple and a real classic toy which babies will love

Dot Wall Decals

–          if Mum & Dad don’t want to go down the full ‘nursery’ look, then some funky spots for the wall will make a great feature and add some interest for baby

Spotty Organic Romper Suit

–          so so soft and great value considering they are organic cotton.  Fav colour in the office is definitely the red

Wee Gallery Art Cards

–          another simple but beautiful and incredibly useful gift.  You can even get the kikkerland mobile so the cards can be hung over the cot

Any of the Deglingos Family

–          fabulous fun each with their own personality, the Baby Deglingos are especially great for tiny babies in cots

Red Spot / Cherry Pop Bibs or Polka Dot Bandana Bibs

–          the pop bibs are just downright funky and very practical and the bandana bibs are huge and great for big dribblers

Robot or Princess Plates

–          so they won’t be able to use them straight away, but what a cool set of first dinnerware

If you’re buying a gift as a group, perhaps as a leaving present from work, our top buys are the Coco rocker (it’s the kind of thing that a new Mum may not buy for themselves as it would be quite a treat but would be absolutely delighted to receive one as a gift) or the Skip Hop green & brown playspot, which is beautiful version of a household essential.