The Soft Doll range from Haba

Everyone loves the Haba soft dolls and the growing range of fabulous accessories, but as the range has grown so quickly, we thought it would be useful to provide an overview of the current range.

The focus of the range is, of course, the dolls.
Available in two sizes, the larger of the dolls at  height 38cm, are Lotta, Amelie, Phil, Paola, Souri and  Charlotte.  The smaller dolls measure 30cm tall and the characters are Florentine, Yannik, Lilli, Nele and Lukas.  The cutest addition for 2010 has to be the baby doll Luca.
Fay Finja was added to the range in 2009, she is 38cm tall, but is extra special and comes with cape, hairband and flower basket.  As from 2010, she now has her very own play tent, rug and stool.

There are now an incredible range of clothes sets for both sizes of dolls, although there is a slightly larger range of sets for the larger dolls.  They range from everyday clothes (please note the Lotta dress set is in fact the same as Lotta wears – so please choose her a different spare set) to the Good Night dress set (complete with PJs, dressing gown & slippers), Raindrops (with raincoat & wellies), Ida / Frida (warm outdoor clothes, perfect for the winter), and there’s even a sports clothes set for the boy dolls (Bastian / Toni).  Some other favourites include the Strawberry set and the brand new Beach Fun set (towel, rubber ring with duck detail (!), sun hat, swim suit, wrap and sunglasses), we just love it.
We get stock of all the dress sets as soon as they are available from Haba in Germany .. there are one or two sets that Haba are still waiting for new stock on, so watch our website for updates.

One of the first items was available, as it would be for any family, was the dolls house.  A fabric fold out house means it is fabulous for storing when not in use, great to load up and carry away to Grannies for weekend or over to a friends for a playdate.  It’s a great size dolls house with great play value, and comes complete with chair, sleeping bag and even wooden hangers.

Next on the is the fabulous dolls pram, available in a range of finishes, our top seller and favourite by far is the white hearts pram, which is delighful and takes any of the dolls off for a little stroll.  The bedding is interchangeable if you fancy a change to the blue flowers bedding.

Of for a quick dash around town, then why not grab the dolls buggy. Both beautiful and offering a comfortable ride for the dolls, it’s an ideal addition to the range.

The Dolls carry cot also fits any of the dolls and has a detachable canopy when rocking the dolls fancy a little nap.  Also new for 2010  is the new car seat shaped carry cot.

One of our favourite additions to the range has been Paulina and Frederik the horse.  Designed for any of the 38cm dolls to ride, the horses come with removable saddles & bridles.  At the same time, we launched the horse show set with fences, horse blanket and bucket, and also, of course, the riding clothes dress set with riding hat, boots & jodpers.

As with all Haba products, the designs are fabulous and the quality very very high. The attention to detail is delightful across the whole range.
Many of our customers have set up wish lists, this gives the option to list all the products you (or your little one!) wants,  and then each Birthday / Christmas, send details of the gift list to friends and family so they can choose a gift from the list.